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OTC CatchUp #105

Date: 12-11-2022

Duration: 4 hrs 10 mins

Topics Discussed

  • OTC CatchUp completes 2 years 🥳

  • Dhiraj Chauhan shared his experience as a panelist in the discussions at HackTheLeague conducted in Mumbai.

    • He also pointed out how many discussions tend to avoid talking about failures.

    • Failures could be a great learning experience and should be discussed.

    • Prathik Shetty shared a tweet referencing this talk.

  • Anushka Bhagchandani, Dheeraj Lalwani and Pranav Dani talked about Twitter’s current situation and how not addressing them is having catastrophic effects on the stock market for companies due to scams.

    • The policy of paying $8 for account verification leads to "Blue tick scams" where fake replicas of accounts tweeting wrong information dwindle the company’s reputation and stock value.

    • This issue creates obscurity in who one is supposedly following.

    • The Accessibility team was fired along with many other important teams.

  • Chiranjeev Srivastava shared his experiences with communities and how he wants to create a precedent for students in Lucknow.

    • We talked about how signing bonds for companies might be illegal.

      • Chiranjeev Srivastava shared that he was placed at his company with a training period of 3 months and hasn’t been asked to sign a bond yet.

    • He also talked about how he feels that metros seem to be more privileged in terms of opportunities.

      • While location can provide some benefits initially, skills tend to overpower the parameter of location over a longer period.

  • Tushar Nankani talked about how "connections" as a term while talking about meetups feels a bit artificial since it should be a byproduct of getting to know a person as a "friend".

    • Although LinkedIn is a platform for connections, it skimps on the part of creating friends.

  • We talked about how one could access Twitter to learn something new.

    • Reference: Summary from the last CatchUp.

  • We discussed the feature of announcement channels introduced in WhatsApp and issues that could be potentially worked upon.

    • It links multiple groups together and doesn’t provide the feature of keeping private groups which could be useful for admins.

    • Telegram currently provides a feature to integrate APIs with bots which are helpful for the automation of regular tasks.

    • WhatsApp web and the desktop app for windows feel incomplete with many broken and unpolished features.

  • Jaden Furtadotalked about his experience around CTF embedded security

    • His team stood eighth in the competition. Link to the tweet.

    • He also shared some interesting questions that were asked in the test.

      • Questions had embedded passwords in some form.

      • Some had passwords embedded in MP3 waveform which he deciphered using Audacity.

      • Some passwords were reverse-engineered in the executable file.

      • Some were also hidden under a seemingly innocuous executable file which was deciphered using the file command.

    • He shared a telnet-based problem, where the username was supposed to be sent as a request to the open port which he sent using flask.

    • Chiranjeev Srivastava shared a similar type of competition that was conducted at his college where the student had to guess the code using output.

      • No test case was provided.

      • Input and output is the only thing provided, based on which the student had to guess the code.

      • Sample file for the same.

  • Darshan Rander shared his a [blog](https://blog.darshanrander.com/posts/diary/otc-and-me/) where he wrote about his experience and learning with OTC.

  • Chiranjeev Srivastava talked about an accident detection and prevention system based on OpenCV for his IoT project.

  • Saket Thota talked about his BE project where he wanted to decide to scale his projects.

    • He thought of using AWS for React and Deep learning projects.

    • Pranav Dani suggested that scaling should start when the number of users increases beyond the capacity of the free tier for any hosting platform.

    • Jaden Furtadosuggested writing it in the form of microservices and making each of the services asynchronous.

  • Pranav Dani suggested thodinproject.com to Chiranjeev Srivastava for learning react and web development.

  • We talked about the effects of the recession in India based on its dependence on countries.

  • Pranav Dani shared how uploading an mp4 or mkv video format file takes a long time to upload on google drive, whereas uploading the same file with a random renamed extension takes very less time.

    • Jaden Furtadosuggested that this was a case of mime file type where google avoids further scanning of the file and Hardik suggested that it just adds it to the drive without bothering about its playability.

  • Jaden Furtadoexplained the process of data transmission over the network and how anomaly or noise is expected in such transmissions since one cannot send complete data over the air.

    • He talked about the journey of electric waves where multiple data streams are combined into a Fourier transform and then smashed into a single sine wave stream and sent over the network.

    • PDF file format was discussed and he said that most PDF tools do not follow this structure.

Projects Showcased

  • Jaden Furtadoshowcased his project Static Analysis which identifies and records vulnerabilities in the code on GitHub or GitLab.

    • It was built with scaling in mind.

      • He used celery for task queueing and processing sequentially.

Meet Screenshot

Meet #105 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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