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OTC CatchUp #112

Date: 31-12-2022

Duration: 2 hrs 55 mins

Happy New Year 🎉🎉

Fun fact: There are 14.3% chances that we will have Saturday on December 31st.

Topics Discussed

  • We watched Writing a compiler with LLVM, it’s a talk about LLVM and how one can write a compiler using it.

    • We talked about how LLVM acts as a middleman (Intermediate Representation) for compilers, which makes the job of compilers easier as they don’t have to handle different architectures like ARM, x86, etc. themselves and just need to compile to LLVM, which in turn handles all other architectures.

    • We all were awed on seeing how LLVM understands and reduces unnecessary complications in code by using various optimization techniques.

  • Krishna Gadia shared about the ownership problems he is facing at the workplace.

    • The issue he is facing is that people are not able to complete a task on their own without disturbing others.

    • He said there could be three ways to deal with this:

      • Train them if they are facing any technical issues.

      • Warn them and help them if they are facing issues in their personal life.

      • Replace them.

  • We talked about Wilfred Almeida's MobXcess, a mobile app used to run predetermined commands on the server.

Project Showcased

Meet Screenshot

Meet #112 screenshot

Watch Party Screenshot

Watching 'Writing a compiler with LLVM' at OTC CatchUp #112

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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