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OTC CatchUp #114

Date: 14-01-2023

Duration: 4 hrs 32 mins

Topics Discussed

  • We discussed how ChatGPT is gaining popularity.

    • Microsoft has acquired the majority stake in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

      • This could also imply that Microsoft services such as the Bing Search Engine might use ChatGPT to provide better search results.

    • Siddharth Bhatia shared a VS Code extension for ChatGPT.

  • Nikshita Karkera shared a video about how Artificial Intelligence follows a set of rules to generate responses and why it isn’t sentient at this point.

  • After Anas Khan's CodeClip project showcase, Anil Harwani talked about how everyone trying to build something should understand how things work.

    • The reason is that whenever something goes wrong in a tool, you should be able to understand the problem and debug it, or even better contribute to its functionality.

    • Once the size of the code base starts increasing, it becomes difficult to handle the code, so he suggested going through a lot of code and understanding it.

  • Saifuddin Saifee and Anas Khan talked about how they feel comfortable using a certain library and the reason for working on a project with the same.

    • Anil Harwani added that a tool should be used when it solves the complete purpose and provides the necessary fallback actions.

  • We talked about databases and the use cases for SQL and NoSQL.

    • NoSQL databases are fast and scalable for average use cases.

    • Relational databases are applicable to most use cases, but they have a lot of overhead on the data modeling (schematic) side. Maintaining these databases is a hassle as well, due to numerous rigid constraints in place for integrity and other properties.

      • For instance, updates and inserts in Relational Databases can be very expensive from time to time.

    • We talked about how SQLite might be one of the biggest database engines, and is known to be notoriously stable and simple to use. The documentation is simple and easy to understand as well.

  • The SQLite web site server is a single-person endeavor, and the server is written in C and is self-hosted.

  • We talked about certain use cases for Wilfred Almeida's MobXcess project that he showcased.

    • Harsh Kapadia discussed how the application could be improved by addressing a reliability issue for OAuth where someone could DDoS the application in its current state.

  • We discussed how SSH (Secure Shell) came into the existence.

    • A precursor to SSH was the Telnet, which enables connection with a remote server but it does so in plain text, which can be intercepted and used by anyone.

    • SSH was defined for maintenance tasks where the term 'maintenance' never had a boundary.

    • Since SSH is open source, it is as secure for any user as it is for any company using it.

  • Anil Harwani suggested reading Site Reliability Engineering reference books for understanding the points to keep in mind while building a secure application.

  • Pranav Dani talked about the Alumni meet at his college where he and Anil Harwani talked about how to approach reading reference books.

    • The difference between reading and comprehension makes all the difference in whether one has understood a concept.

  • Sreekaran Srinath, Pranav Dani and Aditya Oberai talked about Forex transaction rates and which banks provide good deals.

    • We discussed the most annoying things about Forex transactions which pertain to not receiving an OTP for any transaction on the card.

    • Apparently Apple Card is causing losses, since it is an average card with not a lot of benefits.

    • People don’t handle Credit Cards properly and hence banks end up making more money.

    • Sreekaran Srinath talked about Credit Card churning to get the most benefits out of a card.

Projects Showcased


  1. Aditya Oberai

  2. Anam Ansari

  3. Anas Khan

  4. Dheeraj Lalwani

  5. Harsh Kapadia

  6. Himanshu Sharma

  7. Ishan Sharma

  8. Jay Kaku

  9. Kaavya Saxena

  10. Kaushal Joshi

  11. Krishna Gadia

  12. Nikshita Karkera

  13. Pooja Gera

  14. Pranav Dani

  15. Pratik Thakare

  16. Rishit Dagli

  17. Sahil Prasad

  18. Saifuddin Saifee

  19. Sarah Khan

  20. Shreyal Gupta

  21. Siddharth Bhatia

  22. Smit Jethva

  23. Sreekaran Srinath

  24. Vedant Panchal

  25. Viranchee Lotia

  26. Wilfred Almeida

  27. Jaden Furtado

  28. Anil Harwani

  29. Arun Kumar

  30. Atmaj Koppikar

  31. Isihita Rakchhit

  32. Minal Verma

  33. Manshi

  34. Aditya Barmol

  35. Anamika Ratna

  36. Anshu Roy

  37. Arushi

  38. Disha

  39. Gazz

  40. Gaurav Panjabi

  41. Jia Harisinghani

  42. Hrishikesh Dhuri

  43. Kunal Chhablani

  44. Meet Morpana

  45. Muskan

  46. Navya Agarwal

  47. Neetika Tandon

  48. Payal Narwal

  49. Priyanshu Gupta

  50. Rashid Aziz

  51. Shreya

  52. Soni Darshan

  53. Trisha Tomy

  54. Chhavi Nain

  55. Harsh Khatri

  56. Jiya

  57. Jyotika

  58. Maitri

  59. Manjusha Iyer

Meet Screenshot

Meet #114 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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