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OTC CatchUp #123

Date: 18-03-2023

Duration: 4 hrs 10 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Dheeraj Lalwani asked everyone for weighing in on his Startup VS MNC decision.

    • He said he considered factors like mentorship, code reviews, having an actual team to work with and pay into consideration when making the decision.

    • It was also agreed upon by everyone that going from an MNC to a StartUp is easier compared to going from a StartUp to an MNC.

    • Wilfred Almeida said that he hasn’t figured what tech/domain he wants to work full time on, so he prefers a startup because it’s relatively easy to jump work. Now people who’ve taken a gist of my skills recommend him to work at an MNC because they’ll groom him and he can polish his skill set.

    • Darshit Suratwala suggested that when it comes to learning, there are better opportunities in a StartUp but he agreed to the concerns raised by Dheeraj Lalwani and we came to a decision to choose MNC over a StartUp.

  • Darshit Suratwala told everyone about Visual ChatGPT.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared how he tried generating some beautiful imaginary art images with Midjourney bot on Discord.

  • Wilfred Almeida shared Dalai which helps Run LLaMA and Alpaca on your computer.

  • We talked about ControlNet and Stable Diffusion

  • Ishan Sharma showcased his new portfolio which contains 3D elements which he designed on Spline

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared a few essays by Paul Graham

  • Jaden Furtado asked an question: Say someone comes up with an idea. And they discuss it with a couple of friends and the friends start working on the idea and the person who came up with the idea stays in the feedback loop and keeps giving their input. Who would own the product/idea?

    • Many people weighed in with their opinions.

    • Someone suggested the idea belongs to the person who patented it first.

    • Eventually we concluded with a shared ownership between the partnersich needs the ratio on whto be discussed contextually.

  • Darshan Rander shared with everyone that he started interning as a Full Stack App Developer at Stratzy.

  • Jay Kaku talked about his project where he is talked about pipelining at hardware level and uses Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for better throughput.

  • Darshit Suratwala talked scale3labs which is a tool for montinoring blockchain nodes and networks.

  • We talked about milliCPU a unit for measure CPU resource ie. 1000 milliCPU = 1 core.

  • Jay Kaku shared that he is interested in apply at beagleboard.org for this year’s GSoC.

    • Beagleboard is similar to Raspberry Pi but it is more focused on optimizing machine learning processes on smaller hardware.

Projects Showcased

Meet Screenshot

Meet #123 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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