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OTC CatchUp #132

Date: 20-05-2023

Duration: 4 hrs

Topics Discussed

  • Saurabh Daware and Pranav Dani distilled different types of jobs available based on need and skills.

    • We discussed the specifics of different domains like cloud, frontend, and backend.

      • There’s no right time to make a switch in job roles.

      • Changing roles can help prevent mental stagnation.

    • Darshit Suratwala talked about how banks work on different projects.

  • Saurabh Daware shared how his team works with the frontend by creating and maintaining React libraries for the organization.

  • We discussed potential improvements and similar implementations for Vaulter — A WIP project by Dheeraj Lalwani and Chirag Lulla.

    • Darshit Suratwala said that in the case of GCP, the libraries support chunked uploads and the user can avoid the server and directly upload in the bucket.

    • They discussed the Samba server and FTP implementations.

    • Anil Harwani talked about how file chunks are processed and saved in a drive.

      • How does block storage ensure that you never lose data? Is it storing all the data in one single hard drive?

        • Many cases implement sequential file chunking and saving.

        • Either store the data in a single hard drive or save multiple copies of it across multiple hard drives.

        • If stored on a single drive, chances of failure are high, so instead of that store it in multiple 1 GB chunks and create a hash function for addressing.

        • Every 1 gig chunk can have a parity algorithm to check the consistency of the data.

        • Check parity between each chunk and store it across multiple drives.

      • The working is similar to RAID storage.

        • Each system has a fault tolerance limit for drive failure.

      • Metadata databases require high read speeds because a delay in response from the metadata database can lead to a ripple of delays in subsequent calls for file chunks/blocks from the block storage.

      • This leads to poor performance, eventually causing poor user experience.

        • Differences in latency in the hierarchy of storage from the CPU cache to the hard drive range from nanoseconds to milliseconds.

    • How will the self-hosting happen?

      • The idea is to create a simple executable for users to run on their server of choice.

        • Saurabh Daware suggested that he should first get the bare bones ready and then scale up from there.

        • By this time, work on optimizing the system and working on edge cases.

    • GCP Storage Browser and Filebox have similar implementations.

  • We discussed some struggles of students living abroad.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared some links about the community around languages:

  • Jay Kaku and Pranav Dani talked about system circuits and the evolution of binary.

  • Nothing has a collaboration with teenage engineering for their products.

  • Touch typing can be helpful for easily and optimally typing on keyboards.

    • Most people can learn touch typing within 1 month if they had some experience with using musical instruments since that involves using multiple fingers simultaneously.

  • Aditya Oberai and Darshit Suratwala talked about potential MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks using Wireshark.

    • Wireshark is a packet analyzer that can be used to analyze network traffic, but most of the times the data is encrypted and hence it cannot alter requests with positive outcomes.

    • ISPs use similar ways to analyze traffic.

Projects Showcased

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared his progress on Vaulter, a self-hosted storage server.

    • It is a simple file-sharing and self-hosted storage server, inspired by an open-source web-based collection server and streamer, Navidrome that he had earlier worked with.

    • GitHub Repository

Meet Screenshot

Meet #132 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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