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OTC CatchUp #134

Date: 03-06-2023

Duration: 4 hrs 51 mins

Topics Discussed

  • We talked about Mumbai Hacks when Tushar Nankani joined in briefly during the hackathon.

  • Darshit Suratwala shared that he would be talking on Blockchain at KCD Mumbai Meetup.

  • Ishan Sharma and Darshit Suratwala talked about JSConf India.

    • JSConf India - Track 2

    • Ishan Sharma shared a talk by Ameer Jhan at JSConf in Bangalore. - Building scalable JS apps.

    • Getting accommodation in Bangalore is difficult, hence Jay and Ishan Sharma were discussing potential options.

    • We talked about navigating India and differences in the nomenclature of places across the world, where many places end up having similar names.

  • We discussed options for hosting web apps with a backend specifically for fixing OTC’s website after Deta Cloud was shut down.

    • Server-based free tier options are not available and hence using serverless seems like the only viable option.

    • Netlify supports static sites, and Heroku has bad pricing after the salesforce acquisition.

    • Cloudflare workers is a good option.

  • Aditya Oberai's tweet about Appwite winning the golden kitty awards was up on New York’s Times Square.

  • Aditya Oberai and Rishit Dagli talked about visas and passports with the benefits of having dual citizenship.

  • Most discussions were woven around JSConf India and Harsh Kapadia's internship experience.


Meet Screenshot

Meet #134 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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