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OTC CatchUp #135

Date: 10-06-2023

Duration: 4 hrs 30 mins

Topics Discussed

  • General introductions.

  • Reddit's impact on ecosystem/community.

    • We discussed how Reddit’s recent actions have negatively affected a large ecosystem/community. We also talked about the biggest digital protest in it’s history.

    • Siddharth also mentioned that the removal of certain tools from moderators will likely lead to an increase in spam on Reddit.

  • We talked about the new Apple Vision Pro and how comfortable it is to wear.

    • Mohit Gangwani discussed how Apple’s VR technology is uncomfortable for continuous use beyond 30 minutes.

  • We discussed the recent developments in the VR field.

  • Mohit shared information about Gigabyte’s recent launch of a new server product and their partnership with Nvidia. Video link: Gigabyte’s Server Launch.

  • Rishit Dagli shared his experiences with Math exams, specifically in Multi-Variable Calculus.

    • Jaden Furtado asked Rishit about math in engineering versus math in research, focusing on proofs in engineering and computations in research.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani asked Rishit Dagli about the teaching methodology at the University of Toronto.

    • Rishit highlighted the autonomy given to professors, which varies from course to course.

  • We discussed about clearing backlogs and dropping out from engineering (which is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly, and completing your degree is more beneficial in most cases).

  • Tushar Nankani shared the scale, quality and professionalism of MumbaiHacks.

    • Relevant materials and details about mentors and judges were shared, available in this Web Archive, since they removed the content on the website.

  • Recommended Books and Resources were shared.

  • Vatsal Patel met Harsh Kapadia in Austin in the given week.

  • Vatsal shared that his workplace — Activision uses a Centralized Version Control System (CVCS) called Perforce.

    • Centralized VCS is used a gaming standard for version control.

    • He discussed the utilization of CVCS, specifically for managing build files and fast files.

    • CVCS like Perforce provide efficient handling of these types of files and large asset files

    • He also discussed about the concept of Presubmit in Perforce.

    • The concept of presubmit is similar to pre-commit hooks.

    • Presubmit hooks allow for automated checks and validations before committing code changes.

  • We discussed about Million — The virtual DOM replacement for React.


Meet Screenshot

Meet #135 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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