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OTC CatchUp #152

Date: 7-10-2023

Duration: 3 hrs 15 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Wilfred Almeida asked Dheeraj Lalwani about his experience of working at Fold.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani shared how he is having exposure to new things like making documentation about the thing he is going to work on, getting them approved by his seniors and then starting working on the feature.

  • Mohit Gangwani shared how he broke his Windows operating system by installing Docker.

    • He said that by shutting down his PC, it goes into a login screen loop, which means that the system gets stuck on the login screen. The root cause of this issue is because of the Docker asking for a WSL kernel update.

      • He said that the kernel update was interrupted midway, which eventually led to the corruption of some registry keys, which he wasn’t able to fix.

    • Wilfred Almeida suggested Mohit Gangwani to make a bootable drive and fix it with recovery option.

  • Wilfred Almeida asked Dheeraj Lalwani how the code deployment works at Fold.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani told how they create a new branch for every feature.

    • Continuing this, Mohit Gangwani asked if Fold is following any code conventions.

      • Dheeraj Lalwani shared how there are specific integrity checks that are done before pushing the code into production.

      • He gave a brief about the integrity checks like how PR reviews are detailed, and how PRs are verified by the CTO and a senior.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared about the things that need to be done before starting to code on a feature at his company.

    • He said that, first, he is required to create a document on the thing he is going to work on.

      • The document has details like if he is trying to fetch an API, for what purpose the API is going to be used, what respective HTTP methods like GET, PUT, and POST are going to be used on it, whether the API will return a PAYLOAD or some other data.

    • After the details, he is required to write about the logic of the feature he is working on.

    • He said that most of the things that are not needed are filtered from the document itself while going under a PR review.

  • Wilfred Almeida asked Dheeraj Lalwani about how did he get job at Fold.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani shared how Quantiphi delayed his joining at work by 6 months.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani said that he had shared a tweet asking if there are any job openings for the role of backend developer for a friend, and somehow that tweet had reached the CTO of Fold.

      • He told the CTO of Fold that he will apply for the job. Unfortunately, he wasn’t shortlisted but he had e-mailed Fold about the take-home assignment that candidates get if they are shortlisted.

      • He said that he had 3 days for the completion of the take-home assignment, it took him 5 days to complete the assignment.

      • After submitting the assignment, he got called for an interview and then got an internship at the company.

  • Mohit Gangwani asked Wilfred Almeida about the Solana Mumbai Hacker House event.

  • Chirag Nayyar asked about DevFest event.

  • Wilfred Almeida asked Chirag Nayyar how Google Cloud Platform is disregarded even though other cloud providers are providing same offerings.

  • Chirag Nayyar shared how Google’s tensor chip is slow.

  • Bhavesh Kukreja shared that he is working on a TODO project and he is having difficulty segregating the code into different files.

  • Ashfaq gave his introduction.

  • Mohit Gangwani asked about how Anil Harwani started joining Our Tech Community’s catchup sessions.

  • Bhavesh Kukreja shared how his problem-solving skills have improved by working on projects.

  • Mohit Gangwani asked Ashfaq in which company does he work

  • Dheeraj Lalwani asked Viranchee L how his master’s degree is going and about his progress.

    • Viranchee L shared that he completed two internships.

      • The first internship was at Qualcomm, where he was involved in implementing a security feature.

      • The second internship was at Passive Logic, where he was involved in implementing AutoDiff feature.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani shared about the perks he gets at Fold.

  • Viranchee L asked Ashfaq about his work.

  • Ashfaq asked Dheeraj Lalwani about the structure of Fold.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani shared that DevFolio was the first project of the company initially, Fold is the sister company which was formed later.

      • He shared that teams were separated for Fold, with the CTO, CEO and design head remaining the same as DevFolio.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani shared about the team size of Fold.

  • Ashfaq asked about how does Fold make money.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani shared that his company works on the freemium model.

      • He also shared that the DevFolio is free for students to host hackathons, but a flat fee worth of 25000 INR is charged for corporates to host internal hackathons.


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Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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