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Note OTC CatchUps are weekly informal sessions involving project showcases and technical discussions. They are held every Saturday from 10:30 PM IST. Join in!.
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OTC CatchUp #159

Date: 25-11-2023

Duration: 3 hrs 57 mins

Topics Discussed

Projects Discussed


  1. Darshan Rander

  2. Harsh Kapadia

  3. Himanshu Sharma

  4. Kartik Soneji

  5. Mohit Gangwani

  6. Rishit Dagli

  7. Sahil Prasad

  8. Saifuddin Saifee

  9. Siddharth Kaduskar

  10. Wilfred Almeida

  11. Jaden Furtado

  12. Bhavesh Kukreja

  13. Harsh Khatri

  14. Hiten Gerella

  15. Nisarg Thakkar

  16. Raghav Rathi

  17. Sanam Bhatia

  18. Sarvesh Yogi

  19. Shubham Yadav

Meet Screenshot

Meet #159 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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