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OTC CatchUp #160

Date: 02-12-2023

Duration: 3 hrs 46 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Aryan Pathak talked about the heirechy of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

    • He said that he uses Fedora because it is more stable than Arch yet on cutting edge than Ubuntu.

  • We talked about he someone can triangulate someone via their IP addresses.

    • Kartik Soneji said that we might not be able to find the exact location but we can find an approximate location by having a lookup table of IP address and ISPs in a region.

  • jaden furtado shared How To Hack A Yacht by Stephan Gerling talk at Hack.lu, 2018.

  • We talk about DoH (DNS over HTTPs) and DoT (DNS over TLS) and their what are pros and cons.

  • Harsh Kapadia shared AoC (Advent of Code) a series of small programming puzzles that can be solved in any language.

  • jaden furtado shared MiniCPS - SWaT which is to simulate a subprocess of a Water Treatment testbed.

  • Darshan Rander and Mohit Gangwani talked about Kali NetHunter which is a kernel built specifically built for pen-testing on a mobile device with a suite of apps.

  • Harsh Kapadia and Rishit Dagli talked about how much they respect low-level programmers after they had a subject in your course for that.

  • Rishit Dagli was surprised to know that Mumbai University teaches frameworks in college instead of teaching Computer Science.

    • Darshan Rander explained that most colleges and students are interested in getting a job and being job-ready after college instead of being interested in CS theory hence University has these frameworks in their curriculum.

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Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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