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OTC CatchUp #162

Date: 16-12-2023

Duration: 4 hr 13 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Chirag Nayyar shared that he will be redesigning and publishing articles on a blog site made in WordPress.

    • Darshan Rander suggested considering static site generation due to its cost-effectiveness and speed compared to WordPress, to which he responded that he finds WordPress easier to use and prefers it.

  • Rishit Dagli shared his research paper named DiffuseRAW: End-to-End Generative RAW Image Processing for Low-Light Images.

    • In this paper he talks about creating a diffusion model that can perform better in low light with RAW images as they have more data than processed images.

  • Swapnil Borkar and Krishna Gadia asked Rishit Dagli if he had seen any effects of slow markets in Canada.

    • Rishit Dagli had observed that there was not any major impact in fields like research and related fields.

  • Kartik Soneji talked about his Cloud Computing Exam and we tried answering some of the questions.

  • Kartik Soneji talked about Proxmox a tool for virtualization.

  • Rishit Dagli said that he feels learning AWS and other things in school/university is not right, they should be learned by an individual as they are easier and might not need much assistance from professors.

    • Kartik Soneji said that having a reference is better than just having theoretical knowledge.

Meet Screenshot

Meet #162 first screenshot
Meet #162 second screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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