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OTC CatchUp #166

Date: 16-12-2023

Duration: 3 hr 30 mins

Topics Discussed

  • We had discussions about how good OTC Meetup #4 turned out to be.

  • Pranav Dani and Mohit Gangwani discussed the job situation in the US market.

    • Many companies are on a hiring freeze currently, although there some companies are opening up their hiring.

  • We discussed about attending how one could manage college lectures and travel time for undergrads.

    • Travel time could be used to read books, listen to podcasts and make it a simple habit over a few weeks.

  • We talked about the internship and full-time opportunities in India for freshers.

    • Some companies are laying off people who have just joined in due to a potential budget shortage.

  • Raghav Rathi, Aditya Oberai and Pranav Dani discussed developing reading habits and provided some good book suggestions as well.

    • Aditya Oberai strongly recommends reading fiction to develop a reading habit.

  • Book suggestions as discussed in the catchup:

    • Around the World in Eighty Days - Jules Verne

    • Martian - Andy Weir

    • Project Hail Mary - Andy Weir

    • 1984 - George Orwell

    • Ready player one - Ernest Cline

    • Foundation trilogy - Isaac Asimov

    • Journey to the center of the Earth - Jules Verne

    • Godfather - Mario Puzo

  • We discussed the purpose of meetups and why the crowd might be generally young.

    • The idea is to learn from people better than you.

    • Aditya Oberai pointed out that part of attending meetups is to meet new people and get ideas and also support or redirect a few people towards something they might want.

      • In this case, experienced people might be ready to help out and act as a support but then they too need support when they need support which is difficult to find.

  • We discussed some concerns about the Google Cloud Platform shutting down eventually based on recent events.

    • Aditya Oberai discussed GCP, firebase and costs of maintenance.

    • Services for Azure and AWS seem to be better than GCP.

  • Microsoft was worth more than Apple for a split second.

    • Aditya Oberai discussed how Microsoft has been doing well with enterprise services whereas Google does it better with consumer services.

    • Ramyak Mehra talked about how the newer generation might be more comfortable with using Chromebooks due to university requirements and overall less cost compared to Windows.

  • Pranav Dani, Aditya Oberai and Ramyak Mehra talked about Steam OS, Nintendo Switch, games and a few devices.

  • Ramyak Mehra and Aditya Oberai discussed the differences while giving interviews for companies in India vs in the US.

    • Aditya Oberai said that it’s more about what different cultures in different companies appreciate.

    • Ramyak Mehra suggested being upfront about the things you know and don’t know since it helps out.


  1. Aditya Oberai

  2. Chirag Nayyar

  3. Harsh Kapadia

  4. Kartik Soneji

  5. Mohit Gangwani

  6. Pranav Dani

  7. Ramyak Mehra

  8. Rishit Dagli

  9. Siddharth Kaduskar

  10. Wilfred Almeida

  11. Ronit Naik

  12. Amol Gawade

  13. Anil Gohan

  14. Bhavesh Kukreja

  15. Kartik Patel

  16. Khushal Ghathalia

  17. Nishith Savla

  18. Raghav Rathi

  19. Sarvesh Yogi

  20. Yo Yo

  21. Jaikishan Kamrani

Meet Screenshot

Meet #166 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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