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Note OTC CatchUps are weekly informal sessions involving project showcases and technical discussions. They are held every Saturday from 10:30 PM IST. Join in!.
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OTC CatchUp #180

Date: 20-04-2024

Duration: 5 hrs 38 mins

Topics Discussed

Projects Showcased

  • Jaden Furtado told us how he found vulnerabilities in an application that he was filling out, which led to user data and documents being exposed to the internet through a database that was open to the internet.

  • Jaden Furtado showcased an update to his power grid simulation project, which is now able to run a small section of a power grid properly and can theoretically be drop-in solution for a real power grid as he is using the same protocols that actual power grids use, like Modbus, IEC 61850, MMS and GOOSE. He is going to open source his implementation as well.

  • Pratik Thakare told us how he is planning to build a server for a biometric attendance tracker to implement additional features.

Meet Screenshot

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Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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