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OTC CatchUp #77

Date: 30-04-2022

Duration: 4 hrs 1 min

Topics Discussed

  • General introductions.

  • We talked about unknowingly incurring AWS charges.

  • Sreekaran Srinath talked about the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 mask mandate issue.

  • Ashwin Kumar Uppala told us about him organising CodeDay Hyderabad.

  • Research papers

    • We talked about how a lot of things need to be considered to write a research paper.

      • Before even thinking about writing a research paper, one should have some basic CS knowledge and some expertise in the field in which they want to write a paper in.

      • Other things include literature review, implementation, approaching mentors, defining the novelty of the idea and its use cases, etc.

    • Rishit Dagli shared his experience of writing his first research paper.

  • We discussed the GitHub Campus Expert training.

  • Activision video game testing

    • Vatsal Patel, who works at Activison, told us how Call of Duty, a First Person Shooting video game written in C++, is tested by checking every character with every weapon and add-on that can be used.

    • Vatsal also told us how he automated testing the game using Python scripts for every console and platform and about the overarching testing setup that Activision has for its games.

    • Vatsal mentioned load testing their games by populating servers with a lot of instances of games to stimulate users.

    • Hriday Keswani shared a video about an AI that helps in game testing.

  • Aditya Oberai told us about his recent pull request that added an OAuth adapter for Auth0 to Appwrite.

  • We talked about the Zero-width space bug in WhatsApp that made it crash.

  • We discussed the social and marketing aspects of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

  • We talked about syncing issues in apps, i.e., the data and state synchronization problems that occur when offline updates in apps sync with the backend/database when the app comes back online.

  • We talked about ARP tables.

  • We discussed how Flipkart double encodes URLs to remove any special characters.

  • We talked about the pros and cons of .NET.

Projects Showcased

Meet Screenshot

Meet #77 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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