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OTC CatchUp #85

Date: 26-06-2022

Duration: 4 hrs 20 mins

Topics Discussed

  • We talked about OTC MeetUp #1, our first official in-person Tech event.

    • Harsh Kapadia asked for some ideas and questions for the panel discussion during the meetup.

    • Some of the questions that were discussed

      • How to discover and explore new domains?

      • How to ask specific questions with proper context?

      • How to work in a team?

      • How do meetups and offline Tech events help?

  • We talked about independent communities and how most of them cater to specific groups of people.

  • Aditya Oberai shared the journey behind the creation of his newsletter, the another random community newsletter.

  • Aditya Oberai suggested shifting away from GitHub Pages due to some issues that he had faced with hosting web sites.

  • Darshan Rander talked about how cheap it is to buy a domain from Cloudflare and how configurable Cloudflare is.

  • Tushar Nankani talked about Brittany Chiang’s portfolio and how some people who fork it, remove credits from the bottom of the site.

  • We talked about some of the negative aspects of communities, such as people giving it much more priority than their job, trying to spread FOMO, etc.

    • We also talked about why work-life balance is important.

  • Pranav Dani talked about how he feels that agendas are important for driving a discussion in some direction.

    • We discussed various factors that drive the agenda in an open conversation. Catering to every single community member is often a difficult task due to fragmentation of members into different likings.

    • Aditya Oberai enumerated various factors that a community’s core organising team should consider while trying to scale and maintain the reach of their community over a long period.

      • Choosing people with similar sentiments to get involved with core team.

      • Willingness of members to put the required amount of effort in maintaing the community and its activities.

      • Creating agendas and talks based on user feedback is necessary.

    • Dhiraj Chauhan shared his MLH Fellowship experience and how most communities tend to have a mission to provide them with a direction to work towards.

    • New perspectives and ideas about handling communities might be beneficial. Without trying alternative solutions, one cannot improve their current state.

    • Harsh Kapadia talked about plans of adding talks to OTC CatchUp twice a month.

  • Dhiraj Chauhan talked about Solana coming up with their own mobile.

  • We talked about how platforms like Twitter and other social media are intrusive and affect daily health, attention and habits. We also discussed some potential ways of tackling these issues, one of which was disconnecting oneself from these platforms for some days.

Projects Showcased

Meet Screenshot

Meet #85 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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