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OTC CatchUp #93

Date: 20-08-2022

Duration: 5 hrs 20 mins

Topics Discussed

  • General Introductions.

  • Ronit Malhotra shared that he started with Web Development recently with the help of a YouTube Channel called Programming with Mosh.

  • We talked about how communication gap between interdependent teams working on a project can lead to bugs, delays in delivery/deployment and might also lead to unnecessary tension amongst the members of the team. Differences in the tactics of communicating problem across teams should follow a structured approach to avoid confusion.

    • Himanshu Sharma shared his work experience that he was fixing issues that were not in accordance with his job description.

    • Tushar Nankani talked about issues that could affect the flow a project.

      • Lack of accountability and sense of responsibility among multiple teams and its members causes communication issues.

    • Jai Dewani suggested that sharing phone numbers to higher authorities could enervate one’s time since they might call at odd times.

  • Jai Dewani talked about a book Holub on Patterns that he read recently. This is a book about programming in an object -oriented way and about how to use design patterns to solve commonplace problems in object-oriented systems.

    • He also talked about the Game of Life, a game that he built using Java while following the book.

  • Rishit Dagli shared that he recently became a member of the Kubernetes organisation.

  • Jaden Furtado shared his Medium article about the vulnerability that he found in Townscript’s website. Nullcon is Asia’s largest international security conference.

  • Ishwar Gowda shared how he wrote a Compiler Jack using logic gates by following a book called The Elements of Computing Systems.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani asked for resources regarding realtime collaborative software that make use of operational transform.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani suggested some improvements such as editable titles and variable font weight in HackerResume, a project that Ishan Sharma helped building at Hackerrank.

  • We talked about community events and the discussions that were recently took place in Bangalore.

  • Pranav Dani talked about Android 13 Tiramisu and the changes that it brings over Android 12L.

  • We talked about multiple tools like Obsidian and Notion that one might use to record any information that they came across.

    • We also talked about the concept of a Second Brain by leveraging the note-taking tools.

  • Gitpod will soon support android development through an emulator online.

  • Ishan Sharma shared how he encountered the idea of working on HackerResume.

    • A standardised resumé might help recruiters in segregating the required candidates.

      • Overleaf provides a good template for a resumé but the only limitation is that it’s not beginner friendly.

    • He shared how HackerResume was migrated from Firebase to PostgreSQL.

  • HackerResume generates a PDF in the backend and then sends it to the frontend on every save since generating PDF on frontend might be resource heavy for some low powered devices.

  • Rishit Dagli shared his experience of becoming a GitHub campus expert at the GitHub Field Day, where he had his in person on boarding.

  • Ishan Sharma shared his talk about Web Animations.

  • Rishit Dagli shared his talk about WebAssembly.

  • Ishan Sharma shared his idea of using WebAssembly to run code on client machine, during an internal hackathon at HackerRank. This idea could potentially reduce server costs since it won’t spin up a new instance when a code is executed.

  • Krishna Gadia talked about his experience as a product manager at gupshup.

    • He also talked about gupshup as a product.

Projects Showcased

Meet Screenshot

Meet #93 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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