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OTC CatchUp #94

Date: 27-08-2022

Duration: 4 hrs 10 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Rishit Dagli shared how he got the domain for his newseletter.

  • Saifuddin Saifee shared that his team won SIH (Smart India Hackathon).

  • Jaden Furtado shared that his team CodeXplorers won the SIH (Smart India Hackathon).

    • His problem statement was about implementing Offline Digital Payments.

    • The frontend for their application was built using React Native and it also involved some use of Wifi Direct.

    • He talked about the general prcoess of project selection in the college. Most colleges internally segregate teams for SIH applications based on the likelihood of the project being successful.

  • Dhiraj Chauhan shared his experience of completing his MLH Fellowship for the summer batch. The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week internship alternative for aspiring software engineers.

  • Rishit Dagli showcased a quick innocuous exploit on the KubeCon website, where he was able to access his talk details even before the official annoucement was made.

  • Sarah Khan and Himanshu Sharma discussed about how one can get into Open Source contributions.

    • Improve a software that you already use.

  • Rishit Dagli talked about Kubernetes and how it can be helpful for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

  • Pranav Dani talked about how multiple instances of Google meet on mobile devices leads to confusion. Google also provides Meet option in the Gmail app and Duo as a separate app which adds to the confusion.

  • We talked about how Google Drive scans all the files in the drive which some might consider to be a privacy issue. This is more into automated scanning though to find abuse of usage, not people reading your files. One way to avoid the issue of scanning sensitive data could be to encrypt the files before uploading them to the drive.

  • Dhiraj Chauhan talked about his ideas for the community programs that he wanted to conduct in his community.

    • Darshan Rander and Rishit Dagli suggested some ideas for smooth functioning of the program such as:

      • Limiting applicant acceptance to few people to maintain the quality of program.

      • Creating a discord bot for the channel to address common issues and posting important announcements.

      • Mentorship program for community members.

  • Darshan Rander shared his experience of attending Flutter Pune meetup. More working class people attended this meetup which adds more value for the younger audience.

  • Dhiraj Chauhan shared his mid-term blog for his GSoC program at 52┬░North.

  • We talked about portfolio websites and how minimal design choices might prove more appealing to a larger audience.

    • Dhiraj Chauhan shared how he checks the performance tab in the devtools to check the loading time of a website. We also talked about Lighthouse which is a Chrome extension that helps in evaluating the performance of a website.

  • Darshan Rander shared that most domains ending with ml, fr or tk are easily flagged as malicious, hence one should avoid using such domains for extremely important purposes.

  • Heroku is soon going to end its free tier plan for all its users.

  • We talked about Reddit, Twitter and Linkedin and how it might be a bit overwhelming for some people to use them; since many people post a lot of content which might lead to comparison and unwanted demoralization.

  • Dhiraj Chauhan and Pranav Dani talked about how one might want to approach making a project.

    • Learning about the basics of a library or a language by watching a crash course and then refering to the documentation as and when needed.

  • Sahil Prasad shared an article about a teenager who tracks jets of multiple people using the Open Sourced data about flights.

  • Sahil Prasad shared that his first PR was merged.

Projects Showcased

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Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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