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OTC CatchUp #99

Date: 01-10-2022

Duration: 6 hrs 4 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Dheeraj Lalwani encouraged everyone to participate in the Credit Suisse Global Coding Challenge (GCC) 4.0.

  • Mustafa Saifee shared his plan for pursuing a Masters Degree in Canada.

    • He suggested choosing Canada over US for Masters because of better job opportunities.

    • He also suggested to choose British Columbia over Ontario because it is closed to Seattle and Vancouver.

  • We discussed about Hacktoberfest and how this year it isn’t all about code but also about designs, tests, blogs and writing documentation.

  • Kartik Soneji gave a few pointers on how to effectively contribute to open source.

    • He encouraged everyone to use more open source software, find improvements in that software and contribute to those respective projects.

    • He also suggested everyone to consider contributing to Asciidoctor

  • We also discussed about the recent CodeCell event — Race2Stack and how answers to some of the questions were visible in the source of the Google Form because of client-side regex validation.

  • Kaushal Joshi asked the use for Static File Storage, and Deta Drive, Firebase Storage, Cloudinary were some of the few names which came up during the discussion.

  • Jay Aslaliya told everyone how he is exploring Machine Learning and Dheeraj Lalwani suggested him to not only focus on the theory but also to get hands on with datasets from Kaggle and to also read research papers.

  • We had a Solana debugging session where Kartik Soneji was trying to debug a smart contract.

  • We also talked about Remote procedure call(RPC).

  • Jaden Furtado told everyone that he was working on The Graph which is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS.

  • Ayush Chauhan shared how he got a DevRel role at Solana.

  • Kartik Soneji asked about a grant for some ideas he had about developing on Solana.

  • We also discussed some pros and cons of Solana.

    • Pros: Increases transparency and security.

    • Cons: Inefficient and lack of valid use case.

  • Ayush Chauhan suggested that everyone with dev experience should experience NFTs and the blockchain atleast once.

  • Milan Chandiramani discussed about how software evolves rapidly and engineers have to keep themselves updated.

  • He also shared that he was studying about Quantum Computing and how it has the potential to break the modern web since it can break RSA and Diffie Hellman.

Projects Showcased

  • Saifuddin Saifee told everyone that he scrapped his previous portfolio and is rebuilding it with ReactJS.

  • Jaden Furtado showcased Sentence Grammar Checker which is an NLP and ML based peoject.

Meet Screenshot

Meet #99 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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