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OTC CatchUp #170

Date: 10-02-2024

Duration: 4 hrs 21 mins

Topics Discussed

  • Shubham Sah talked about his development journey at his work.

    • He told us about an Okta access token issue that he solved by implementing a cache for tokens and a quarantined area for revoked tokens.

    • He said that he made the mistake of starting to code as soon as he got the requirements of his task, without properly understanding the context of the job and without consolidating all the requirements into a cohesive plan. He advised everyone to collect all requirements and plan properly, to avoid repetitive and unnecessary work.

    • He also told us about their Quality Assurance (QA) process, which involves Smoke Testing, Unit Testing and more. They also use a platform called SonarQube for linting and Static Code Analysis.

    • Log4j got a mention as well and we’ve talked about the major security incident that affected loads of projects using the library in OTC CatchUp #70 and #58.

  • Shubham Sah added that companies now-a-days are looking to cut down on costs and so are mainly hiring more experienced people, as they won’t have to invest as many resources and as much time in training as a fresh graduate.

    • To combat this, Shubham suggested that legitimate Open Source contributions really help, because a lot of experience is gained by setting up complicated project infrastructure and adding a fix into a codebase. This experience can then also be shown in interviews, as a qualifying metric.

  • Harsh Kapadia shared

  • Kaustubh Khavnekar shared that he was starting with a new project at work after finishing the previous one and that the new project extensively involves Terraform and PowerShell scripts.

  • Dheeraj Lalwani talked about his successful interview experience.

  • Copyrighting and artists getting paid

    • In this age when AI is able to generate data and art because of being trained on publicly available data, there is a question of copyright and license infringement that is very fair to ask.

    • There was discussion that we don’t have to pay to listen to music that might inspire us to create our own music, so even AI shouldn’t have to pay for things it uses to train itself to be able to produce art or other data. Well, the counter to that is that even if we don’t pay for the music we stream, the music service that we’re using counts every stream and pays the artist for those streams. So the original owner is getting paid. With AI, we don’t know the method in which data is collected. Also, a lot of general licenses prohibit mass usage of data or commercial usage of data, so special attention needs to be paid to copyright and license rules, so that the correct people and artists get paid.

      • The same reasons apply to downloading music off the internet as well. Artists get paid when music is downloaded legally.

    • Dheeraj Lalwani suggested watching a TV series The Playlist, which explains all of this from each perspective (the artist, the law, the industry, the coders, etc.).


  1. Bhavesh Kukreja

  2. Dheeraj Lalwani

  3. Harsh Kapadia

  4. Kaustubh Khavnekar

  5. Kedar Karbele

  6. Mohit Gangwani

  7. Poonam Jha

  8. Pranav Dani

  9. Pratik Thakare

  10. Ramyak Mehra

  11. Rishit Dagli

  12. Shubham Sah

  13. Swapnil Borkar

  14. Jaden Furtado

  15. Akhil Sahu

  16. Anil Harwani

  17. Hritik Sharma

  18. Kartik Patel

  19. Krishana Dave

  20. Ritesh Yadav

  21. Sarvesh Yogi

  22. Karthik Nair

  23. Tarun Chettiar

Meet Screenshot

Meet #170 screenshot

Note For all summaries, please visit catchup.ourtech.community/summary.

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